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Admissions of Special Taekwondo Students
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   Taekwondo of Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association

Enrollment methods for sports specialty students

In order to better select and train reserve talents for Taekwondo in our city, strengthen the combination of sports and education. Constantly regulate the recruitment of special students, improve the overall level of Taekwondo in our city, and promote the development of Taekwondo in our city.

I. Recruitment: Elementary and middle school students engaged in Taekwondo in member units

     2. Recruitment conditions:

、获得市级比赛前八名的优秀运动员 1. The top eight athletes in the municipal competition

、获得市跆协认可的绿带级位 2. Obtained the Green Belt Level Recognized by the City Taek Association

、品行优良、在校未受任何处分的 3. Good conduct and no punishment at school

Recruitment procedures:

、学生自愿申请,经所属培训单位同意报市跆协 1. Students apply voluntarily and report to the Taek Association with the consent of the affiliated training unit

、市跆协同意后,组织专家或者考官对申请者进行测试 2. After the city cooperates, organize experts or examiners to test the applicants

、对测试合格者由市跆协与招生学校共同协商确定。 3. Those who pass the test will be determined through consultation between the Municipal Taek Association and the admissions school.

Fourth, the registration method:
、户口:按招生学校要求 1. Hukou: According to the admission school requirements

、会员证:成都市跆拳道运动协会会员证 2. Membership certificate: Chengdu Taekwondo Association membership card

、比赛成绩证明 3. Proof of competition results

、申请书及附属培训单位意见 4. Application form and opinions of affiliated training units

、报名地址:花圃路九号(成都市跆拳道运动协会办公室) 5. Registration address: No. 9 Huapu Road (Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association Office)

、报名时间:每年510日前 6. Registration time: before May 10 each year

Five, test methods:

、测试内容:跆拳道基本功及实战 1. Test content: Taekwondo basic skills and actual combat

、专家或考官:由市跆协选派 2. Expert or examiner: selected by the city Taek Association

Test time: further notice


                                          Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association

                                          2009 January 10

download link:

City Tae Association Special Student Enrollment Procedures.doc

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