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Chengdu Taekwondo Class Open successfully ended
Time: 2019-04-17 14:15:00 Source: Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association Views:
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13 日— 14 日,经过两天鏖战,第二届四川省跆拳道级位公开赛暨“中国体育彩票”第四届成都市跆拳道级位公开赛在成都奥克斯广场顺利落下帷幕。 From April 13th to 14th , after two days of fighting, the 2nd Sichuan Taekwondo Open Championship and the 4th Chengdu Taekwondo Open of "China Sports Lottery" successfully concluded in Chengdu Oaks Plaza. This competition is hosted by Sichuan Provincial Mass Sports Federation, Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association, and Sichuan Provincial Mass Sports Federation Taekwondo Committee. With the strong support of Chengdu Wushu Taekwondo Sports Management Center, the competition was a complete success. 80 支代表队参加了本届比赛,近 2000 名小选手同台比武,虎虎生威。 80 teams from various schools and clubs in Chengdu participated in the competition. Nearly 2,000 young players competed on the same stage and made great achievements. The youngest of the contestants is only three years old. 290 个,产生第一名 150 名,一等奖 299 个。 This year's competition is divided into three major events: competition, strength, and physical fitness. There are a total of 290 competition events , which will produce 150 first-place winners and 299 first-place prizes .

"Hey", "嗬" ... In the arena, the young players wearing protective gear are magnificent and have no fear of challenges; outside the arena, the parents watching the game keep cheering and cheering; in order to increase the competition Attention, the referees performed a demonstration performance; a thousand-person competition, a thousand people onlookers, an unprecedented event. This competition is divided into three venues to compete at the same time. In order to ensure the openness, fairness and fairness of the competition, anti-counterfeiting labels are used for the first time in the inspection. 入门级小朋友对跆拳道的兴趣,今年增加了身体素质比赛的内容。 The contestants this time are all low-level beginners. In order to increase the interest of entry-level children in Tae Kwon Do , the content of physical fitness competitions has been added this year. …… 小选手即使登不上竞技组赛场,也能9 人一组,身体素质比赛进行得热火朝天。 Running around, crawling, crossing the balance beam, jumping obstacles, turning back ... Even if the small players can't get on the arena of the competitive group , they can still play in groups of nine , making the physical fitness competition flourishing. In recent years, quality education has received increasing attention from the whole society. Parents generally believe that while improving their children's academic performance, giving them a strong physique and tenacious will is an indispensable asset in their growth.

Taekwondo is one of the official events of the modern Olympic Games, and is famous for its kicking and swinging kicks.十级三品九段 ”, 跆拳道的精神是礼义、廉耻、忍耐、克己、百折不屈 The level of taekwondo practitioners is divided into " ten grades, three grades and nine stages ", and the spirit of taekwondo is " ethics, integrity, patience, self-denial, and unyielding . " “ 舶来品 90 年代初传入国后有着广泛的群众基础,特别是进入蓉城以后,深受成都市民的喜爱。 Taekwondo, as an " exported product " , has a broad mass base since its introduction to China in the early 1990s , especially after entering Rongcheng, and is well received by the citizens of Chengdu. 非常受欢迎,协会目前在册的团体会员达到 300 家,个人会员已突破 5 万。 According to the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association, Taekwondo is very popular among young people . The Association currently has 300 registered group members , and its individual members have exceeded 50,000. 40 所中小学是跆拳道传统学校。 As a sport of speaking etiquette and practicing will, Taekwondo is deeply loved by students and parents. At present, there are 40 middle and primary schools in Chengdu that are traditional Taekwondo schools.

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