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Notice regarding the training of referees and social sports instructors of the Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association in the first period of 2018
Time: 2018-03-05 16:47:00 Source: Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association Views:
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I. Organizer: Taekwondo Committee of Sichuan Mass Sports Federation

成都市跆拳道运动协会 Organizer: Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association

2. Training time: March 29-30, 2018

剑南大道中段 716号清凤时代诚商业三栋三楼 3. Training location: Chengdu Dance Taekwondo Center ( 3rd floor , Building 3, Chengfeng Commercial Building, Qingfeng Times, No. 716, Jiannan Avenue Middle Section )

培训对象: Training object:

成都市各中小学校体育老师、 市跆协传统项目学校(须选派 1—2名教师参加); 1. Physical education teachers in primary and middle schools in Chengdu, and traditional project schools in the city Taek Association (requires 1 or 2 teachers to participate);

成都市跆拳道运动协会团体会员单位; 2. Group member units of Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association;

年满18岁的跆拳道爱好者均可报名参加本次培训。 3. Taekwondo enthusiasts who have reached the age of 18 can sign up for this training.

Five, assessment methods

1. The content of the training course is formulated according to the actual situation of the development of the Chengdu Taekwondo project.

2. The test method is a combination of theory and practice.

3. Participate in the training of referees. After passing the exam, the Chengdu referee qualification certificate will be issued. The referee qualification certificate is divided into three levels, two levels and one level.

4. The social sports instructor certificate will be issued after participating in the social sports instructor training examination. This time, only three levels of social sports instructors will be issued.

Participation requirements

(I) Requirements

1. Chengdu Taekwondo Traditional School teacher, Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association group or individual member;

2. Trainees must be eligible to take the exam after attending this training;

3. Qualified referees need to register with the original grade certificate and promote the grade;

裁判 培训考试的学员 年满 18岁; 4. Participants participating in the referee training examination must be 18 years of age or older;

5. The third-level referee must have a junior and above coach qualification certificate;

跆拳道个人专项保险,安全责任自负 6, bring your own Taekwondo clothes, shoes, buy Taekwondo personal insurance, and take responsibility for your own safety ;

7, decent style of thinking, love Taekwondo career ;

8. Abide by discipline and law, have good moral character, and are willing to contribute to the cause of Taekwondo.

(B) Expenses

1. Training fee: 400 yuan / person;

2. Examination fee: 200 yuan / item.

Registration and reporting

1. Registration:

1)2018年3月25日前在网上完成报名, 同时上传电子版照片( 格式为 JPG,尺寸为宽240像素×高320像素, 蓝底, 照片文件大小 小于 100KB )。 ( 1) Complete the online registration before March 25, 2018, and upload an electronic version of the photo ( format is JPG, size is 240 pixels wide × 320 pixels high, blue background , photo file size must be less than 100KB ) http://cdstqdydxh.mikecrm.com/GFWYhX6 Registration link: http://cdstqdydxh.mikecrm.com/GFWYhX6

报到 2. Registration :

3 28 下午 14:00—17:00 报道( 成都舞蹈跆拳道中心 (1) Registration time and place: March 28 , 2018 , 14: 00-17: 00 PM ( Chengdu Dance Taekwondo Center ) ;

身份证原件 及复印件一张 ; (2) Must bring the original and copy of the second-generation ID card ;

原件 ; (3) For those who need to upgrade their trainer ID, please request the original original level certificate ;

2张(背面用铅笔或者圆珠笔备注姓名)。 (4) Two one-inch bareheaded photos on a blue background (note the name on the back with a pencil or ballpoint pen).

咨询联系 方式 3. Contact Information :

028-68065796 Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association : 028-68065796

章跃: 15884422288 吴秋诗 15708465890 Contact: Zhang Yue: 15884422288 Wu Qiushi 15708465890

Eight other

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