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Notice on the Training of Karate Coaches and Referees in Sichuan Province in 2018
Source: Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association Views: Registration start and end time: 2018-01-22 to 2018-02-04
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Local (city, state, county) sports (sports and sports) bureaus, amateur sports schools, schools at all levels, committee group members, clubs, gyms, training centers, training bases:

2019 年落户四川成都,该赛事是世界上规模最大的警察与消防人员体育竞赛,被称为“警界奥运会”,世警会共设置 59 个比赛项目其中包含空手道,为了当好东道主保障赛事顺利举行,经中国空手道协会批准,四川省大众体育联合会空手道委员会定于 2018 2 6-8 日在四川成都举办“ 2018 年全国空手道初级教练员、一级裁判员培训班”。 It is learned that the biennial World Police and Firefighters Games will be settled in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in 2019. This event is the world's largest sports competition between police and firefighters. The competition includes karate. In order to be a good host, the competition is held smoothly. With the approval of the Chinese Karate Association, the Sichuan Provincial Sports Federation Karate Committee will hold the " 2018 National Karate Junior Coach, first-level referee training course. " The specific matters are notified as follows:

I. Host: Sichuan Mass Sports Federation

Organizer: Karate Committee of Sichuan Mass Sports Federation

3. Co-organizer: Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association

Sichuan Guanyuezhen Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

2018 2 6-8 日( 5 日报到, 8 日离会) 4. Time: February 6-8 , 2018 ( Report on the 5th and leave on the 8th )

V. Location: Chengdu North Stadium

Participation requirements

Ideological style, decent karate career

Willing to contribute to the development of karate

Training content

1. Group hand and type technical training;

2. Business training for referees;

3. Explanation of relevant policies and regulations of the Karate Committee of Sichuan Mass Sports Federation.

Training Teachers

Zhang Lei: Karate practice began in 1986 under the guidance of Shanghai Chen Deming Teacher. In 2006, he served as the technical interpreter and technical interpreter of the first training session of the Air Association. The Asian Karate Federation ’s double A referee (there are only 2 people in China). A-level referee, five steps.

Wen Shantian: China's first batch of national karate coaches, national referees, karate black belt four stages, the referee of the first karate championship in 2007, referee of the National Games, visiting scholar of UIUC in the United States.

Nine, expenses

(1) Students who take part in the training course will be responsible for their own round-trip travel expenses, room and board expenses;

(2) Training fees:

1000 / 1. Initial participation: 1,000 yuan / person

750 / 2. Participated in any karate training class sponsored by the Chinese Karate Association and college students with a student ID: 750 yuan / person

500 / 人。 3 , get the recommendation of the members of the group at all levels from the Karate Committee of the Sichuan Mass Sports Federation: 500 yuan / person. 3 次内训入场券) (Members of the Sichuan Provincial Mass Sports Federation Karate Committee will receive the following three major rights: awarded to the China Karate Association level test sites, and participate in the competitions of all levels hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Mass Sports Federation Karate Committee, three times a year internal training tickets )

Ten, dress and other requirements

2 1日前报名成功者,组委会将赠送四川省大众体育联合会空手道委员会创始会员空手道服一套(中国空手道协会指定道服),培训期间使用的护具由承办方提供。 For those who have successfully registered before February 1, 2018, the organizing committee will present a set of karate uniforms to the founding members of the Sichuan Popular Sports Federation Karate Committee (designated by the Chinese Karate Association). The protective gear used during the training will be provided by the organizer.

2 2 -4 日报名的学员需自带中国空手道协会指定的空手道道服、护具。 Students who register on February 2nd -4th , 2018 must bring their own karate clothes and protective gear designated by the Chinese Karate Association.

Eleven other requirements

During the training class, a segment examination will be conducted, and individuals who meet the requirements for registration for the segment can register to participate.

12. Registration and Registration

1. Registration URL: http://gg.371hz.cn/index.php/Home/baoming/info/id/33.html

2 4日报名截止,不再接受任何形式的报名 Registration closes on February 4, 2018 and no longer accepts any form of registration

2. Contact:

15884422288 (微信同号) Zhang Yue : 15884422288 (same number on WeChat )

15708465890(微信同号) Wu Qiushi : 15708465890 (same number on WeChat)

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