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2016 "China Sports Lottery Super Lotto Cup" Chengdu City Taekwondo Championship Competition Rules
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2016 "China Sports Lottery Super Lotto Cup" Chengdu Taekwondo Championship

Competition rules

I. Date and place of the competition:

Time: May 14-15, 2016 Venue: Chengdu University Gymnasium (Shiling Campus)

Organizers, organizers and co-organizers

(I) Organizer: Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association

(II) Organizer: Chengdu Sports Lottery Management Center Chengdu Youyi Youth Sports Club

(3) Co-organizer: College of Physical Education, Chengdu University


(1) Chengdu Taekwondo Club, students of college, middle and primary schools, and Taekwondo enthusiasts can participate;

(2) Chengdu districts (cities), counties, municipal departments (bureau-level companies), industry associations of various industries within the administrative area of Chengdu, factories, mining enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, troops stationed in Rongdan, overseas agencies in Rong, Street communities can participate in teams;

(2) Group member unit of Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association.

4. Contest items (see Annex 1)

V. Entry Method

(1) Each team reports one leader, and the coaches are not limited.

(2) When the team reports, they must submit to the hospitals at or above the county level (including the county level) who have passed the medical examination and are fit to participate in the competition. The physical health certificate should include EEG, ECG, pulse and blood pressure. To the reception. All personal injury accidents that occur in the competition are the responsibility of each team, and the organizing committee does not bear legal responsibility and medical obligations.

(3) In order to regulate the registration and prevent misreporting, misreporting, and omission of reporting, after the registration is closed, no waiver, change, or increase of registration shall be made without reason. Waiver must be submitted in writing to the organizing committee of the competition. Registration fee is increased and registration fee is increased (only on the day of registration).

(4) Primary school students must reach the Yellow Belt and above levels approved by the Chinese Taek Association, and secondary school students must reach the Green Belt and above levels.

(5) When registering, ask each team to carefully check the athletes ’competition group, level, and corresponding age. The leader and coach are responsible for the authenticity of the registration information of all members of the team. After the competition, the organizing committee will check the qualifications of the winning athletes. Please ask the team leader to bring the athlete's personal identity card or original account registration to receive the award. Winners who do not qualify for the competition will be canceled, and will be replaced in turn, and the team's total score will be canceled. Qualifications for registration and notification on the association's website.

Six, competition methods

(1) The competition is individual competition and team competition.

(2) The association provides helmets and body protectors, and contestants prepare road clothes and protective gear (including crotch (yin), arm, leg, hand, and foot).

(3) Adopt the latest Taekwondo Competition Rules approved by the Chinese Taekwondo Association.

(IV) Rules for team competitions:

(1) Each team has 4 levels, and each level is limited to 1 person, a total of 4 people;

(2) The game has two innings: the first inning: each team from small to large will be selected to play at the corresponding level of athletes, 1min / person for a total of 4min; the second inning: each team will arbitrarily send one athlete to the field. Change athletes at any time. The competition time is 4min.

(3) Match result: The total score of the two games was high.

(5) Adopt single defeat elimination system.

(6) Each athlete in this competition can use only one collegiate card in each competition. The collegiate can continue to be used successfully, and the collegiate card is not successfully confiscated. The collegiate qualification will not be added in the final.

Scoring method

The top eight places for individual competitions (individual competitions and team competitions) are accepted respectively (the third to fourth and fifth to eighth places are no longer contested, and are admitted in parallel). Minute.

Places and rewards

(1) Individual competitions, competitive team competitions, one to eight winners will be awarded certificates (of which 1-3 will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals); individual or group competitions with more than 16 participants per team will be divided Contests, and one to eight are admitted, and so on.

(2) This competition has group awards (such as: Children ’s Group A **), which are divided into groups (regardless of men and women), and the levels are determined according to the total scores of each unit's competition (individual competition and group competition). The first, second, and third prizes are rewarded; units with equal total group scores will be ranked first among the first, and so on; the admission ratio is 4: 4: 3.

(3) Set up a total group award, determine the level based on the number of participants in each unit (1 point per person) plus the total score of the individual (sports, group competition), and accept the first, second, and third prizes to reward them; Units with equal scores will be ranked first in order to win the first place, and so on; the admission ratio is 8: 8: 6.

(4) There are awards such as excellent coaches (one to two teams are selected), excellent athletes (to be selected according to a ratio of 10: 1), excellent referees, and outstanding organization awards.

(5) For the units that have won the first prize of the General Team and the progress of the competition, the association will provide equipment support of a certain value.

Nine, registration and registration

(I) Registration: The electronic registration for this competition will be unified (handwritten registration forms will not be accepted). The competition registration form will be transmitted to Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association and confirmed by telephone before May 8, 2016. The format of the registration form is shown in Annex 2.

(2) Contact Person: Wu Qiushi 13348858723, 68065796 Fax: 68065801

Email for registration form: 1026152052@qq.com (offline documents are not accepted)

Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association QQ group: 160267866 (please note the unit and name when entering the group)

(3) The coaches and leaders of the participating teams in Chengdu will be held on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 3:00 pm in the conference room on the third floor of Chengbei Gymnasium.

X. Funding

For details, please refer to Appendix 3 "2016 China Sports Lottery Super Lotto Cup" Chengdu Taekwondo Championship Supplementary Notice "

Eleven, arbitrators and referees

(1) The arbitrators and referees are selected by the Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association.

(2) The composition and scope of duties of the Arbitration Commission shall be implemented in accordance with the Regulations of the Arbitration Commission of the State General Administration of Sport.

Twelve, other

(1) The competition party shall provide helmets and body guards, and contestants shall prepare road clothes and protective gear (including crotch (yin), arm, leg, hand, and foot)

(2) Funds for each participating unit (boarding, lodging, transportation) shall be taken care of by themselves.

Thirteen, outstanding matters, separate notice.

14. The right to interpret and modify these regulations belongs to the Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association.

Attachment 1 "Contest Project Settings"

Attachment 2 "2016 China Sports Lottery Super Lotto Cup" Chengdu Taekwondo Championship Registration Form "

Attachment 3 "2016 China Sports Lottery Super Lotto Cup" Chengdu Taekwondo Championship Supplementary Notice "

Entry form please share to the QQ group of the association (group number 160267866)

Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association

March 2016

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