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The Chengdu Taekwondo Sports Association is referred to as the Chengdu Taekwondo Association for short. The English translation is: CHENGDU TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION (abbreviation: CDTA ). Established on March 18, 2007. There are offices, competition committees, referee committees, publicity committees, training and research committees.

The Chengdu Taek Association has a city-wide, professional, non-profit mass sports organization that manages the Taekwondo sports industry and is formed voluntarily as a legal person. The mission and purpose of the association is to unite the majority of volleyball workers, supporters and participants in the city. Actively implement the party's sports guidelines and policies, seriously abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, adhere to social morality, actively carry out mass Taekwondo activities in the city, strengthen the people's physique, enrich the people's amateur cultural life, and at the same time cultivate Taekwondo reserve talents, continuously Improve the competitive level of Taekwondo in our city.

Xu Yuanlun of Chengdu Tae Association. The Municipal Sports Bureau is the competent unit of the Chengdu Taek Association. It accepts the supervision and management of the Civil Affairs Bureau and the business guidance of the General Sports Bureau. The association has 141 group members and 41 Taekwondo traditional project schools. In December 2008, the association's leadership team was approved as follows by the Municipal Sports Bureau.

main in-charge:

Chairman: Xu Yunlun (Director of Chengbei Gymnasium)

Legal person: Mao Xiaobin (Deputy Director of Chengbei Gymnasium)

Secretary General: Wang Jidong (Chief of Security Section, Chengbei Stadium)

Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee: Liu Zhigang (Deputy Director of Chengbei Gymnasium)

Vice Chairman: Li Tongxin (Taekwondo Lecturer, National Referee)

Du Xiaoan (Director of Chengdu Sport University)

Chen Jin (Director of Chengdu Xihua University)

Zhang Min (Director of Chengdu Youth Palace)

Xu Yongliang (Principal of Yixian Second Middle School)

Tang Fangjian (Principal of Yulin Middle School)

Wei Quanbin (Chairman of Chengdu Aviation Tourism Vocational School)

Wu Guangping (Principal of Column 5 Middle School)

Tong Jianming (Principal of Chengdu Shengdao Branch of Yandao Street Primary School)

Liu Youyuan (Vice President of Chengdu Shuangliu Middle School)

Li Qiang (Principal of Renmin North Road Primary School, Chengdu)

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